This book is a non-fiction that simplifies the aura around money and borrowing. Download the introduction and order for yours.
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Borrowing Made Easy

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    1. YeleOkeremi

      “I congratulate the author on his achievement of putting such a good work together. I find the book to be very useful and relevant to our current society and our economy at this point in time and indeed for a long time to come because every economy that aspires to expand must understand the principles of effective credit and how to utilize smart credit towards production.

      The author has written the book not just from mere theoretical or academic perspectives, he has written the book from his personal experiences and learnings that he got from other people.

      I find the language of the book to be very simple and easy for non-technical people to easily understand while the flow of the book gives it a hooking effect on the reader; ensuring that every reader will be able to finish reading it very easily.

      The author has included a lot of anecdotes and vignettes to make the book come alive on its own whereby readers can easily associate with the lessons in the book. More so, every chapter closes with key learnings discussed in the chapter. This book is not only rich in perspectives; it is a practical guide for individuals who wish to understand good credit practices either for their individual use or in capacity as managers or directors of organizations who may wish to obtain or who are managing credit for their organizations.

      I recommend the book for all and sundry”

      YeleOkeremi, DBA
      Practice Professor of Business Strategy
      Nobel International Business School, Accra, Ghana

    2. Olugbenga Johnson

      There has been a gulf of ignorance and misconception about borrowing, especially with small and medium sized businesses and business owners. This book ‘ Borrowing Made Easy’ will fill the gulf and change the perceptions. It is a well-coordinated effort to see businesses move to the next levels by taking advantage of the resources available to them. Well done Jerry!

      Olugbenga Johnson, CEO- Autusbridge/Entrepreneur.

    3. Obinna Ukachukwu

      “I have always held the opinion that no country including Nigeria can achieve her economic goals except there is a vibrant credit system in place. The situation where a nation cannot generate economic energy from our latent capital keeps such nation in the league of poor countries, thus setting a cap to the quality of life it’s citizens can ever have.

      The fact that this book has attempted to further enlighten us on how to access credit and the hurdles we may face is a very good starting point as it helps us deal with certain issues that are in the control of the borrower when they decide to seek a loan. Understanding and practicing the principles, definitely helps to increase ones chances of getting access to finance in this relatively difficult terrain

      I recommend this book to every commercial and small business owner in Nigeria. Also , anyone that has an aspiration to run a business in Nigeria should learn the principles in this book. I hope the author will follow it up with some other insightful titles and articles that will deal decisively with our inability to unlock latent capital in sub Saharan Africa.”

      Obinna Ukachukwu, DBA
      Executive Head Business Development & Strategy, Hygeia HMO.

    4. Jide Benson

      In reading the Introduction to Borrowing Made Easy, I felt really nostalgic. I remember the location of the Cooperative Bank located near the Low Cost Housing Estate almost opposite the SOS Village. I lived in the Estate occasionally when I spent time with my mum. I can relate with the trade and commerce that Mama Omoruche (laughs) was involved in. I remember because of my frequent commute with my mum in her yellow bus across the bridge from Isolo to Daleko and other markets.

      I made a first attempt at securing extra funding for my business by securing an overdraft. The result was unpalatable as my naivety made me simply work for the bank. A second attempt at borrowing for asset finance was worse – I lost the asset after having almost finishing payment. I lost it because the fortunes of my business went on a downward spiral a few months to completion of payment and I was unable to meet repayment obligations for months afterwards.

      I consider the book a borrower’s primer, a tool for existing and future entrepreneurs who would need to scale-up and grow with external financing. It is particularly a great resource coming from someone who experienced money lending and borrowing in a less organised format and then transited into a more corporate set up to work in a lending function.

      As a Book Publishing teacher, I see that BME is not a mere academic exercise but a great resource to the body of knowledge distilled from years of experience of the author.

      Thank you for putting your career in a book
      Jide Benson
      Public Relations Professional | Adjunct Lecturer | Professional Master of Ceremonies |

    5. Nwakaego Adu

      The writer (Jerry) clearly wrote from a great perspective, and brought his wealth of experience to bear in this book, the illustrations and examples used are apt, and makes the whole book enjoyable while at the same entrenching knowledge
      Nwakaego Adu
      Regional Agrifinance Support Officer at Diamond Bank Plc

    6. EbunD’Almeida

      This is a fantastic endeavour…And I applaud you for this step. I can only imagine how many people’s lives will be impacted by this book. I also like how you started with your personal story…and I’m super impressed with your mum’s business acumen, which you have obviously picked up.

      Head, Business Development, L’aruge Global

    7. Mukaila Ayuba

      This book simplify the complexity of borrowing. Straight to the point and impactful. If you want to know about borrowing in Nigeria, this book is appropriate.

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